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Case Study: European Investment Bank

Murex upgrade impact assessment

Our client, a large European investment bank, was looking to upgrade their existing Murex instance, Mx 3.1.29 to the latest binary version Mx 3.1.41 (for FX and OTC Derivatives).


The Murex Upgrade was described as a like-for-like, technical upgrade, with limited functional changes to the existing configuration and processes, integration and reporting activities. There were no additional modules, except where modules were mandatory as part of the upgrade process. The extent of the limited changes were identified and quantified within the Impact Assessment workstream.


FWD View has been asked by the Investment Bank to manage and provide an approach, and resources to support internal resources in the upgrade


FWD View has a wealth of experience with the Murex applications and proposes to combine that knowledge with the Delphix Data Platform to execute the upgrade, should the Investment Bank decide to purchase the Delphix Data Platform.


FWD View’s upgrade approach defines 5 phases

  • Impact Assessment (including using Delphix)
  • Planning and Analysis
  • Technical Upgrade
  • Test Execution
  • Transition To Live

Baseline for executing a Murex upgrade, a framework for testing including Delphix

The core team worked with the client business teams in a classical “As-Is” vs “To-Be” definition; FWD View’s experience was able to articulate with the business teams the impact of the configuration changes when moving from v29 to v41.  This impact was quantified and assessed, and a timeline and resource plan constructed. 


A secondary stream focussed on the existing testing environment at the Investment Bank, and where using tools such as Delphix , this can be improved.  A proof of concept for Delphix was executed in a Murex UAT environment to prove the benefits of self-service deployment and reduction in the testing cycle based on the continuous availability of aligned environments.


A DataOps approach to large, vendor application upgrades can provide 30% time/cost savings on projects. 

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