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Case Study: Global Tier 1 Investment Bank

Defining and implementing a DataOps strategy.

Our client, a tier 1 global investment bank has embarked upon a program of change to enable business users and engineers to work closely together to drive outcomes.


Part of this change is the dissemination of enterprise self-service tools and processes to support technology and business teams.


Delphix’s self-service capability is part of that toolchain, and the creation of pods to drive the processes through greater collaboration.


The client and FWD View selected a complex, business critical, vendor trading application for the phase 0 implementation due to the need for continuous innovation and deployment. Our client is moving towards a multi-disciplined POD structure and requires a deployment pipeline that is both efficient and controllable by these teams.


The current process was sub-optimal in the time taken to deploy due to architectural constraints and process bottlenecks. Also once deployed the environments are used by the developers in an inefficient manner, selecting a complete re-load of the environment to correct simple issues. Delphix aims to create once and deploy many times.


Installing the self-service functionality requires an adjustment in mindset by the developers; working with bookmarks and branches to manipulate data to meet the requirement more efficiently.

Create once – deploy many times.

FWD View created a framework to allow developers to select and deploy environments based on their specific requirements. This maybe a specific configuration retrieved from the GIT repository or a set of data required test a development.

Once virtualised the environment can be deployed within minutes, again and again…..

Phase Description Impact on project
A Project Mobilization -create accounts,logins and project governence for the upgrade project Minor
B Impact Assesment-discovery analysis to understand the impact of the upgrade on existing functionality and processes,and gather requirements Major
Impact Assesment C Review Effort & Timelines – refine the baseline timelines and efforts to include the outcomes of the Discovery Minor
D Project charter – document the scope and approach of the upgrade; achieve business and technology sign off Minor
E Detailed Plan- detailed project plan and roadmap for phases 3,4 & 5, fixing dates and resource availability from technology and the business Major
A Test Strategy Definition and Document – detailed approach to testing, including the suitable of risk-based testing and the use of tooling Minor
B Test Plan -master test plan across all phases of testing;assigning dates and resources to testing activities Major
Planning & Analysis C Test Process & Issues resolution document-description of how the testing process will be governed, an the processes and tools used to manage the testing cycle. Minor
D User and test cases – definition of the User Cases that represent the businesses and the test cases that are process steps for execution. Minor
E Environment Management Strategy – how Delphix will impact the testing process in the availability of environments, and the strategy to create a “golden copy” Major

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