Application Acceleration

Transformational change requires greater business agility.  Whilst application development processes have adapted to enable a greater rate of change, the underlying data management obstacles remain creating a barrier to innovation.


Our DataOps approach, combined with our deep application, domain, technology and process focuses on helping you build self-service, secure, automated environment provisioning thereby improving data management, reducing time to market for upgrades and smoothing the path to the cloud.

System selection
and Advisory

System selection, architectural and set up review. With a view towards application consolidation and innovation, we can implement the tooling and process required

Application upgrades 

Many trading applications are complex, monolithic and run on a single binary. So, upgrades are complex, lengthy and expensive.

Developing a strategy for DataOps, which fuels DevOps and reduces the time/cost associated with application upgrades by removing issues associated with self-service, environment & config management and true end-to-end automated testing

DataOps for DevOps

We implement the DataOps tooling and processes, which unblock the data bottlenecks which hamper true CI/CD within application development

Cloud migration

We help our clients migrate application workloads to the cloud, avoiding vendor lock-in, helping with tools assessment and implementation, and creating robust business cases and ROI assessment

Business Outcomes

  • 1. Reduced application TCO
  • 2. Faster time to market
  • 3. Facilitate DevOps through DataOps
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