Data Security & Compliance

A desire for faster application delivery, more accurate risk analytics and data monetisation requires effective but agile data security processes. We help our clients to select and implement the right tooling and business processes, which provides regulatory compliance and peace of mind without sacrificing agility. 


IT Security is no longer concerned solely with networks, infrastructure and firewalls. Increasing regulation and the potential heavy cost of breaches means that financial markets participants are moving increasingly towards a data-centric security model – building security in at the data point level.


Adopting data-centric security processes, and an enterprise DataOps model, organisations can overcome the disconnect between IT security & compliance technology and the core business strategy. 

Data Masking

A data masking tool does not solve a data masking requirement on its own. We advise on and implement the complete required tool chain for a comprehensive dynamic data masking solution.


We combine the right tooling with the right business processes to enable peace of mind within non-production, without sacrificing agility within the SDLC.  We have experience delivering Data Masking project as well as Data Masking as a Service.

Operating Model Design

We help our clients with the setup of data-centric security operating model design and implementation. Our clients are global businesses based in tens of countries, running multiple different business lines and they want to let data fuel their growth.


However, without breaking any rules and managing their risk appropriately. In such a federated environment we just don’t think coming up with a master data model is feasible, or practical.


So we look at models that don’t depend on that, and instead can identify data type X when it’s being requested and determine if the requester is allowed to see all / some / none of that data. We think, for the big data world we’re heading toward, this is the only model that will work long term

Business Outcomes

  • 1. Data centric security model creation
  • 2. Scalable and manageable Data Masking
  • 3. Enhanced regulatory compliance
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